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Selling Sickness

By December 28, 2016No Comments

Over the past 25 years as a therapist and health care professional I have noticed a number of ‘health sickness’ trends.
In the late 90s I had numerous clients who upon seeing their GP were prescribed the same medication for IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) or similar abdominal conditions. Then in the early 2000s there was the trend with people being diagnosed with Asthma. This was then followed by a spike in children having ADHD or ADD – Attention deficit disorder. It was then followed by Vitamin D deficiency and bone density tests.
This is not to say that research into human conditions is without merit. Of course science and medicine are fantastic at keeping us living longer and healthier, yet there is a fine line as to what constitutes normal health and what ‘medical’ conditions are created by drug companies to make money.
Selling Sickness is a fascinating and somewhat horrifying book that gives an insight into how drug companies use insufficient and often manipulative research to create ‘medical’ conditions that do not exist so they can sell medication and generate millions of dollars in profits.
Some conditions already exist, and other conditions are natural human occurrences, not medical illnesses that require medication. Selling Sickness clearly explains how drug companies exploit, fabricate and use marketing/advertising to encourage the general public into believing that these conditions both exist and require drug intervention.
The book looks at conditions and medications such as High cholesterol, Social anxiety-disorder, Osteoporosis and Irritable bowel syndrome, just to name a few.
I highly recommend you get yourself a copy today and be informed.


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