What is cupping?

Cupping is a modality offered as part of a Myotherapy treatment and not offered as a stand-alone treatment. The use of ‘cups’ for the purpose of treating muscular conditions and for the improvement of one’s health has been around for centuries. It is most commonly associated with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), where it is used to stimulate an acupoint, (a point in the body where energy, ‘Qi’ can be strongly influenced). Its usage in Myotherapy and Remedial Massage is to release tension in the muscle fascia and promote blood flow, which in turn helps release muscle tension.

The traditional method is to use a flame and create a vacuum within the cup, which is then placed on the body. The cup sticks to the skin by means of suction, which gently draws up the skin and stretches the muscle fascia. There is no risk of being burned, though occasional bruising may appear.

There are also ‘suction pump’ cups, which as the name suggests, uses a hand-held suction pump to create the vacuum. The resulting effects are the same as flame cupping.

Cups vary in diameter and rim size. They can be placed on a specific point on a muscle, or ‘slide cupping’ can be used to gently glide the cup along the length of a muscle to release fascial tension.

If you have already experienced ‘cupping’ or would like to try it, please inform me during your next consultation. I am sure you will notice the benefits.

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